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Thanks for replying to my questions! I really appreciate it. When I get asks about how people like my style, it really makes me want to keep going. I’m also very glad to hear that some people stayed for the posts, which means i must be doing something good. I hope they are fun to read now and then, even though Trixie isn’t the most talkative pone.

Sometimes i just have to ask why you follow it because I know im pretty bad at updating, and i cant always find the motivation or time to make posts. I love drawing for this blog, but i just need help to get my ass to work, because I’m a lazy bum hahah. I thank you all for still being a part of my blog!

~MScoot (MOD)


long time ago I drew the four horsemen of the apocalypse represented by ponies, felt like trying again. First up is pinkie!

Via for the love of ponies


My half of an art trade with the lovely bronifriendzoni!! She wanted a Mirai pony!! Turning anime characters into ponies is so fun!! I really hope you like it; it so much fun to do! >u< Thank you so much for doing this with me!! ;U;

It’s transparent so you can do whatever you’d like with it!! :3


Updated buttons for bronycon ^^


This is one of my favorite Episode in the Season 4.

Also it’s my first time trying to draw humanization.:P

Via Dibujos MLP

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